Family Medicine

Welcome from the Chiefs

Welcome to the Grand Rapids Family Medicine Residency Program! Applying for residency is an exciting experience and can be overwhelming. We hope our residency experience may be of some insight to your search for the program that best fits you.

Matching at Grand Rapids Family Medicine Residency Program helped us to better understand the versatility of being a family medicine physician. Our program strives to maintain continuity of care of a diverse population between the inpatient setting and outpatient clinics. We are exposed to a variety of rotations in different specialties to broaden our scope of practice, which also allows us to see first-hand the type of care our patients would receive after a referral is made. These rotations include the ACGME mandatory rotations but the program also allows you to tailor your residency experience for your future clinical practice. For example, we are currently developing a more structured ultrasound practice to be used in our clinics to assist in our OB care and procedural techniques. The size of our program and support from our faculty who also have a wide range of interests makes this possible.  Our support staff is great at helping with all the administrative aspects of residency to help you stay on track and focus on your training; something that we realized is very important only after starting residency.

Yes, we do work hard during residency, but we also have time to “play hard”. Our Orientation Block in July highlights this opportunity. During this 4 week bock, all first year residents are excused on Thursday afternoons for class “bonding time”.  Many of us have become friends that will last long beyond residency. We also have a wellness curriculum built into our didactic program, which provides the opportunity for self-reflection and awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy life/work balance.

Residency is a big commitment. It is important for us to know that we will be competent physicians after we leave our program and we feel that we are on the right path to accomplish that goal. It is also inspiring to know that many of the graduates from our program choose to stay in the area and provide for the Grand Rapids medical community while contributing to resident education. We understand that there are many options available to you, but we challenge you to consider our program.

FM Chiefs,

Justin Blaauwendraat MD, Nick Blank MD, Matt Falkiewicz MD and Jenny Liu MD

Our Mission

The mission of the Grand Rapids Family Medicine Residency is to create a learning environment where everyone can experience the joy of Family Medicine and nurture residents to become balanced, qualified, caring physicians. We will achieve our mission through excellence in:

  • Patient Care
  • Education
  • Scholarship
  • Community Engagement

Program Highlights

Some unique features of this residency include:

  • Ultrasound Curriculum
    • Didactic learning
    • Wide spread opportunities for application
  • Sports Medicine Rotation
    • Clinics
    • On-field experience
  • OB Focused Curriculum option
    • Further specialization in Prenatal Care and Deliveries

In 2010, the ACGME created a Coordinator Excellence award to honor and recognize the very crucial role that program coordinators play in the success of a residency program. Our program senior administrator, Alicia Crispin, was the 2015 recipient of this award!

Ready to Apply?

All applications are accepted through ERAS. Please see the For Applicants section of your preferred program for additional details.

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